Thursday, May 3, 2012

iPhone 4S' Newest Samsung Competitor: Galaxy S III

Here is a video from Android Central I found on Youtube of the just unveiled Samsung's new high-end device, Galaxy S III.

It's got a quad-core CPU (dual-core for some markets like the US, maybe), 4.8" screen, and 720p.  It also has a 2100mAh battery and we're gonna need it to power this huge screen.  There are other bells and whistles like voice control, kinda like Siri.

There isn't anything here that is going to have current Galaxy S II users upgrade in drove or iPhone users to defect.  4.8" screen is like but I wouldn't want this on a phone.  Maybe if Apple releases an iPod touch with a 5" screen, I would go for that.

Putting a 5" screen next to my small head when I am talking on the phone just looks kinda weird.

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