Thursday, May 3, 2012

Who's Making Money In The Mobile Market?

Source:  Fortune.

From this chart from  Asymco, it's very easy to see who's making the big bucks in the mobile market and how things have changed since 2007, when the iPhone was introduced.  Back then, Nokia was the king of profits.  Today, well, it's the iPhone maker, Apple.

Some hard and fast data:

  • Apple has less than 9% of the handset market but accounts for 73% of all the profit.
  • Android accounts more more than 50% of the market share but probably has the rest of the 27% profit.
  • Of the 27% profit for the Android device makers, Samsung, now the world's biggest handset shipper, has 26% of that 27%.  
  • Apple and Samsung has smothered the dollar count with 99% of the profit.
However, a second chart (which I'm gonna make you click over) shows that it isn't as if Apple or Samsung is taking money away from others.  Rather, it's that the pie has grown since 2007 but it's these two rivals that are getting the lion's share of the profit.  Well, okay, may Motorola and Nokia kinda lost out a bit.

This is only a snapshot of we see today.  Obviously, things will change.  Windows 8 is on the wing as is potentially Blackberry 10.  Maybe things'll get shake up a bit.  Not likely but could still happen.  The mobile war we're witness is still young.  I'd say about half way through the second quarter.  

Now, what I like to see is just how each ecosystem is performing against each other.

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