Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stop Nonsense about Apple HDTV, It's All About Retina Displays

Maybe there isn’t going to be any Apple HDTV at all.  Maybe Steve Jobs said one thing about cracking television just as Siri came out and people put two and two together and came up with crap rumors.  Maybe all along, these talk about and HDTV in Jony Ive’s labs are just Retina Displays with built in iOS functions that will be running off Macs and iOS devices.

I got thinking about this because of more and more reports about HiDPI icons hidden within OS X.  The thing about this is that my theory would go against anything that is out there about HDTV which maxes out at 1080p.  Obviously, Apple displays and even the new iPad Retina display is much much higher.

You know that and I know that but Apple probably doesn’t care.  They’re looking to the future and they’re getting working on scaling displays so that as we move beyond 1080p, Apple could well be in an excellent position to provide the displays and, yes, eventually their own TV sets to drive contents beyond 1080p at an affordable price.

Right now, I see no reason for Apple to release their own HDTV that is saturated and likely a low margin market.  But I do see a good reason to release a variety of Apple displays with different screen sizes that can drive Macs and iOS.  Apple’s displays currently max out at

The march will be to 4K displays and if Apple can start now and slowly scale and drive the market in that direction now, Apple can get there in the manner they did with the iPod, iPhone, and, now, the iPad.  The first iPod cost $500 and now, you can you one for less than half that.  And let’s look at the Macbook Air.  $1800 when it first came out but you can buy one for $1000 today.

This is going to be the same with Apple’s Retina Displays that could be headed to 4K displays.  The Apple Display with Thunderbolt now is at 2560x1440 coming in at 27”.  And this definitely is nowhere near Retina Display of the iPhone 4 or the new iPad screen.

Once Apple is able to achieve resolution parity between its future displays and Macs, iOS devices, and Apple TV can drive those, that’s when we’ll get our Apple HDTV, iTV, iPanel, or whatever you want to call it.

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