Thursday, August 16, 2012

Samsung: Note Success Likely Mean More Successful Tab Penetration

Source:  Information WeekThe Droid Guy.

I've seen plenty of promising iPad challengers come and go. If you're even a remotely interested observer of the tablet market or have walked to Staples or Office Depot here in the US and see dust collect on the selection of  Android tablets, you'll know what I'm talking about.

However, Samsung is persistent.  Very.  And with the Galaxy Note 10.1, losing the, perhaps cursed name, "Tab", it could see better success.  Android needs this.  Google needs this until it can come out with its own Nexus 10 to compete with the iPad.  And let's never forget that Surface is just ready to pounce on the tablet market.

The Galaxy Note has done well - to the tune of 10 million sold world-wide.  Perhaps, it could translate into success for the 10"1 version.

And just as this all starts, we're looking for Apple to assault the 7 to 8" tablet segment of the market in a few weeks.  As a mobile fan, we can't wait to see just how Apple, Samsung/Google, and Microsoft fight over for our hard earned money.

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