Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meaningless Survey Created To Sow Discontent Among Early-2012 iPad Owners

Source:  Cult of Mac (I don’t recommend clicking through – just an idiotic post).

I hate pollings like this one.  Folks with new iPads from April were asked what they thought about Apple releasing a new iPad with a speed increase just a couple of days were.  Well, if they didn’t know about it as most iPad owners would not have, they would not care.  Their early-2012 iPad was the best tablet they’ve owned.

So what if about 50% of the folks are upset.  We live in a world where people feel entitled and they are constantly looking out for things to be upset about.  Case in point.  At a local meeting, parents were upset with the current school board because another school board eons ago agreed to a cell tower on school property.

Not one of the old school board members who signed on to that are now serving on the current school board and a recall effort against the current board is beginning to take form.

So seriously, iPad owners love their iPads and these surveys and polls, much like those political ones, serve to say nothing about true public opinion.  A lot of time, the public doesn’t know when Apple, Google, Microsoft, or anyone else is going to release a new phone, tablet, OS, or computer.

They might do a bit of research online and go out to buy whatever it is that they need to buy when they needed it.

I like to see a poll where Kindle, Nook, and Nexus 7 owners are polled about whether they are upset that they bought into those media tablets if they are upset with Apple for releasing the iPad mini after they’ve bought their tablets.

Some might be upset but then again, until they were asked about it, they probably thought what they have now was probably the best tablet they’ve owned.

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