Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mobile: Nokia Trips Up, Blbackberry Users Ashamed

Not great news for Nokia or RIM fans.

First, Nokia's Lumia sales has dropped off the cliff.  Now, we can attribute that to pinned up Windows Phone 8 demand.  I'll buy that but I cannot think that there is much room in the market that Nokia can pick up from the iPhone and Android.

Then there's Blackberry users who are reportedly being shamed by iPhone and Android users.  I don't get why.  Sure, RIM sales are dismal and may never recover even with the release of Blackberry OS 10.  However, who else on the market still market and sell devices with physical keyboards en mass?  I think it's an unique experience in a mobile market dominated by full-touch screened devices like the iPhone.

Back to Nokia.  It's continuing fall isn't a bad thing unless you're a Nokia fan.  If you're a Windows Phone fan, it could be that good days are coming.  Yes, above, I said Nokia may not have much room to move above but it doesn't mean that Windows Phone cannot.  Other device makers like HTC ans Samsung will be coming out with WP devices that has specs to rival Android devices.

And this is a multi-year and multi-front fight for Microsoft so Windows Phone will have an impact on the market.

So, maybe the thing here for all concerned is that RIM should consider embracing Windows Phone instead of its next gen Blackberry OS?

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