Monday, December 24, 2012

Apple Positioned Very Well For Tomorrow

Here is a video from Bloomberg interviewing David Kirkpatrick of Facebook Effect and seemingly nice guy John Scully, failed CEO of Apple because he's a marketing guy and not a product guy, on the future of Apple.
  • Hardware success
  • Software success
  • Cloud - Apple has challenges but is getting there.  
On Apple's competitors, Amazon is great at cloud but is finding hardware difficult and challenging while it does no understand software at all.  For Microsoft, it has no history of success in hardware which I beg to differ since the Xbox has lay waste to Nintendo and Sony in the console business.  However, I have to agree that Microsoft's other ventures have not done well, Zune and Surface to date.

For Samsung, it has a supply chain like that of Apple but relies on Google for software and cloud support and doesn't see it build out its own ecosystem like Apple's iOS-iTunes empire.

Both men are very bullish on Tim Cook but they don't say why.  At one point John Scully said Silicon Valley needs an autocratic product guy.  Obviously, Tim Cook isn't.  In fact, the top-end changes in the executive suites at Apple showed that Tim Cook isn't one but was actively trying to fix that by putting product guys in charge of hardware and software development and designs.

On television, they believe the world is waiting for Apple to reinvent how we watch televsion.  Maybe the key is about video consumption rather than trying to duplicate or making the television experience better - to do away with that completely.

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