Friday, December 21, 2012

Killing Digitimes: Maybe When Apple Moves Manufacturing Away From Asia

I really detest DigiTimes, you know, the go to site that Apple and tech bloggers, publications, and even Wall Street analysts go to to spice up their readership or report.  But the inside joke here is that everyone and their grandmother know that DT is almost always wrong when it comes to Apple news.

Even now, bloggers would quantify what they report from DT by saying that this bit of news is probably wrong.  So why report on it?

I'm hoping that once Apple shifts manufacturing away from Asia to Brazil, NY, or wherever else, DT will have less leverage over time.  And what's funny, at least to me, is that I'm now able to detect which blog posts are using DT as their source.

These days, bloggers are now adding that while DT is wrong on Apple facts, they're generally okay when it comes to components so it's okay when it comes to reporting on their information as it relates to Apple.  Well, as bad as DT's record is even now regarding components, even that should go away once Apple manages to move production out of China.

So, as always, stop click on rumors that come from DT.  I mean I love reading Apple rumors but even I have my limits.

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