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Apple 2013 Prediction: Very Sensible Predictions With Comments

Here is a list from an analyst who offered very sensible predictions on what Apple may do on 2013 with respects to its product update.  It's all hardware so nothing about software, services, or cloud updates.  I think both should continue to go hand-in-hand as far as updates go.  That's Apple's claim to innovation and ease of use after all.

It's from Macrumors.  I'm not in the biz of regurgitating rumors but since this is only a prediction, which is as good as any I've seen or I can come up with, I'm willing to pass this along to ya'll.  Having said that, I do have some comments.

  • iPhone: I don't know about iPhone getting a shorter update cycle or colors.  Even fingerprint sensors.  I think we will definitely see an updated CPU.  It's also time for new camera sensors as well as smarter iOS that brings Apple's mobile apps and services more in line with its competitors.  Though I don't know if it'll happen, the battery life issue needs to be addressed.  The iPhone and iPod touch is thin enough.  No need to go thinner and sacrificing battery.
    • Fingerprint sensors - unlikely
    • Colors - unlikely
    • Camera Update - 50/50
    • Better battery life - 50/50.  It's time the iPhone battery get attention that the Macbook/iPad has been given.  30-Day standby time and 10 hours of use like the iPad.  
    • iCloud/iOS update - likely
    • Cheap iPhone - unlikely.  No way.  Apple might not have Android-style market share but it does have Apple-style shares in terms of profit.  Being able to control 70% of mobile profit with only 20-25% of the unit sales ain't too shabby.  I'd settle for profit like this over market share any day.  Apple can sell certain iPhones like the iPhone 4 at low prices for some markets as a testing ground but don't expect it to flood the markets with it.
  • Macbook Pro:  I don't know if Apple is ready to go all Retina.  Certainly, better Intel and GPU chips should be in order.  I doubt we'll see and update in the second quarter like the analyst says.  I think a summer update around the time of the WWDC is more likely.  It could be updated in June, which does fall in the late 2nd quarter time frame.  But getting rid of non-Retina Macbook Pro is not gonna happen given the cost associated with it
    • Macbook Pro With Retina CPU/GPU update - likely
    • Getting rid of non-Retina displays - unlikely (unless much of the associated capital expenditure is associated with preparing for this.
    • Battery Life Increase - 50/50 (it's about time it happens)
  • Macbook Air:  definitely getting a better update via Intel but nothing more.  Nothing to talk about it.  
    • Retina Display - unlikely
    • Battery Life Increase - 50/50 (it's about time it happens)
  • Desktop Mac - the analyst mentioned nothing about the Mac Pro but CEO Tim Cook did mention an update was coming.
    • Mac Pro - DEFINITELY.
    • iMac - late 2013.  Likely just see new CPU.  
      • Retina Display - 50/50.  I only mentioned this because I do see Apple move Retina to the desktop display.  I believe when it happens, it could be related to the Apple HDTV that everyone and their grandmothers is predicting is coming.  
    • Mac Mini - late 2013.  Nothing to write home about.
    • Display - likely.  The question is if it'll be Retina or not.  Apple may come up with a special Retina unit that costs two to three times more than the regular display just to make first adopters absorb the cost just like what it has done with the Retina Macbook Pros.  
  • iPod touch/Apple TV - likely.  There isn't too much to say about either product.  Apple TV is a "hobby" that Apple has a lot of interests in.  The 2012 iPod touch is a very neat device in and of itself and its pretty much for kids.  I don't see a need for Apple to update it in 2013.  
    • Seriously.  What can Apple do with the current Apple TV that won't tip its hands on what its future plans are.  Apps?  Some of kind updated audio and video streaming service?  Siri?  In fact, any Apple TV update will likely come from updated iTunes/iCloud services and not the hardware.  After all, the Apple TV already can display 1080p video, an update over the previous 720p capability.  4K?  Not in 2013.  
      • If there is an update, we could see FaceTime camera that can be hooked up wireless
New unknown devices - unlikely.  People are all over the place on what Apple should do to this or that.  This is what's floating out there.

  • Watch
  • Motion remote like Wii's controllers or something like what the Xbox has.
  • HDTV
  • Car
I can tell you all those above are preposterous.  At least in 2013.  I like the watch idea.  I am sure all those have been considered and may see the light of day one day.  Remember, Steve Jobs said that they're just as happy and proud of products they've decided not to bring to the market so those four mentioned items may exist.  

What I like to see is a FaceTime alone camera that could work wireless, either with the Apple TV or not.  Bring back the iSight camera.  If this happens, I like to see the ability to support FaceTime conference.  If Apple offers this feature, we would have to change some of the predictions above.

Anyway, this post ended up being longer than I expected.  But that's what's so fun, isn't it?  Just predicting/speculating - not rumor-mongering or stock manipulating as Wall Street does.

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