Thursday, January 17, 2013

Apple Just Starting to Sell Apple TV To South Africa – Maybe Newer Apple TV Not Coming For A While

Apple will start selling the $99 Apple TV in South Africa.  It’ll probably cost more so the $99 price is US only.

There is a bit more information at Macnn.  What can we take away from this?  Well, it’s probably unlikely we’ll get an update to the Apple TV any soon then.  The reason is because if Apple is just starting to sell the Apple TV in a new region, an update would make the current model just beginning to go on sale already obsolete.  Of course, Apple could be looking to stagger sales of the device but that’s not likely the situation here.  This isn’t like the iPhone.

I’m hoping that I’m wrong.  Still, what can Apple update to the current Apple TV other than the OS that would give us more apps or features?  I don’t see a major hardware update to the Apple TV (like being able to display 720p to 1080p video) unless Apple has decided to add a major feature like being able to handle major 3D video games or something like that.

Plus, I’m comfortable with what I can ready do on mine for now.

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