Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Expectations: Where Is The New OS X beta and iPad Media Event?

It’s the second to the last day of February of 2013 already.  Fast does not even begin to describe how fast the year has gone by so fast thus far.  I have a couple of questions that don’t exactly fit into the 140 characters of the Twitter limit.

Where is the beta release for the next OS X?  Last year, a few lucky folks, Apple friendlies and journalists, were granted the privilege of playing around with the beta of Mountain Lion before everyone else.

Also, will Apple be holding its annual iPad media unveiling this year?  My guess is that this isn’t going to happen this time around.  Apple updated the iPad to a 4th generation in October of 2012 and just released its 128 GB version.

Right now, I’m leaning towards no new iOS information from Apple until the second half of 2013 – that includes Apple TV or whatever else that is mobile releasted.

If Apple does unveil anything new, it could be a new Mac Pro and updated Macbook Air with Retina Displays.

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