Wednesday, February 27, 2013

HP Moving Focus To Tablets – Others Will Follow Giving the PC Market to Apple

It’s interesting that HP is finally getting into the tablet market.  It’s latest tablet entry into the market is an uninspiring Android tablet for a decent $170.  I think they finally figured how what they need to do and it could come from Tim Cook himself.  If the tablet market is going to cannibalize the PC market, you best do it yourself or someone else will do it for you.

Having said that, as more and more users move from Windows-based PC to likely iOS and Android tablets, who will have the remaining PC market?  It’s likely all the main PC guys will have some kind of laptops running Windows but most who truly need a PC may opt for a Mac.  Should that momentum carry, don’t be surprised if Apple ends up owning the PC market in a few years.

Don’t think so?  Consider that in five years, the tablet will be vastly different.  In fact, they may look more like Microsoft’s Surface Pro – a tablet will more robust features that one used to only be able to find on a laptop.  Not all but enough that people will buy tablets instead – for office work or gaming.

That leaves the more specialized markets to the PCs.  Probably higher end PCs where Apple is sitting.

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