Monday, February 11, 2013

Battery Life - Size Matters

Source:  GSM Arena.

I came across this post from GSM Arena when I was looking into the Droid DNA's battery life.  It was adequate but it was the comoparison between the DNA with the iPhone 5 and Motorola RAZR MAXX that got me going a bit.

In the post, the iPhone 5 and the RAZR never went head-to-head in the battery tests.  The RAZR blew away the field of Android devices in just about every category.  The iPhone 5 dominated in the Web browsing categoy but the RAZR was not a part of it.

Based on the information provided in the post and what Apple listed for the iPhone 5 in its tech specs page, we can surmise, though scientifically inaccurate, that the RAZR with its 3300 mAh battery has about a 60% advantage over the iPhone 5's 1440 mAh battery.

Here's what I gather and I think I've been right about this.  Companies sacrificing battery life in the name of the thinness and lightness race.  I'm glad Motorola came out with the MAXX.

Also, Apple has done an incredible job with the battery life for the iPhone 5.  The iPhone generally has one of the smaller battery among competitors in the high-end of the mobile market.  It's advantage comes from the fact that it owns both the OS and hardware teams that is capable of working together to get the most mileage out of the system.  This results in giving Apple a pretty good increase in profit margin.

To that end, I think Motorola engineering team should also be able to do great things with with Google's Android operations.  After all, they're both a part of the same company now.  I see great things in terms of efficiency and battery life for future Motorola devices.

This is also why I think Microsoft will eventually release its own smartphones given that it can achieve the same things Apple is doing and what Google's Motorola will be able to do.

What is disappointing is that Blackberry's Z10's battery life (from early reviews) has so far failed to live up to standards we've expected from Blackberry devices and the it's chief competitors.

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