SOTU: What Will President Obama Say About Tim Cook Or Apple Tomorrow?

Apple’s Tim Cook will be joining FLOTUS for President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address to Congress and America (and the world).  I’m sure it’s about giving lip service to innovation and entrepreneurship.  But what if it’s more?

I don’t think it’ll be about President Obama saying something like “Apple has given me permission to tell the world about the iWatch…”.  So, it makes me wonder about why Tim Cook is flying across the country for this.

Obviously, when you’re invited by POTUS for an event, you don’t say no.  And it helps Apple’s agendas to have your CEO chatting up the President.  I’m sure Tim Cook whispered a thing or two about Apple’s feelings on immigration, corporate tax holiday and rate, and patent reform.  And maybe about the dismal state of American schools and how having and iPad the hands of eager students will help propel America back to the top again.

In 2012, Steve Jobs’ wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, was a guest of Michelle Obama.  In his speech, President Obama highlighted the need to find the next Steve Jobs.  While the sentiment was likely appreciated, the mention of Steve Jobs proved problematic as Apple off-shored much of the manufacturing of its products if not all of it.

Perhaps, Tim Cook’s presence means that Apple could well return some of those jobs to back to the United States.  Apple has gone on record to say that it will manufacture some Macs here.

Whatever the reason Tim Cook will be in DC tomorrow, it’ll be interesting to see what the President has to say about Cook and/or Apple.


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