Friday, February 15, 2013

Creator Of Instapaper Makes Good Argument Apple Can Ship A Non-Retina 5" iPhone - Good Argument But...

Source:  Marco.orgOn Apple.

This is post from the creator of Instapaper, which I use and think is a great app, argues that there is no reason why Apple can't ship a 5" iPhone with the same resolution as the current iPhone 5, which is 1136x640.  He listed many reasons, among them being that it's close to 720p that most users won't care.

I agree.  And I also think he has made a very compelling argument.  However, I also question why Apple isn't above going 4X on the next generation iPhone isplay.  Meaning that the 5" iPhone resolution would increase to 2272x1280, essentially doubling the resolution and four times the pixels.

After all, when Apple went from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4, that was exactly what they did. And it's been two years since that happened and will probably be another year from the release of what comes after the iPhone 5.  I really think a compelling argument can be made that Apple has been working on trying to make this possible.

And Apple many not necessarily need to go 4X on a bigger screen iPhone.  As I've said before, 3X works perfectly fine.  Even at 1704x960, we are looking at a resolution close to 1080p which is what high-end Android devices will be shipping in 2013 from Samsung, HTC, Sony, and perhaps even Nokia for the Windows Phone.

On top of that, Apple already has the chips to power such a device.

I think for sake of speculations, all sides, including the ones mentioned here and ones that I've come up with, are valid.  There are a couple of points I like to add to that.

One thing we have to remember is that Apple is an exceptional company.  Sure, one of the points that Marco made that ran counter to pundits have said was that Apple would not release a non-Retina display device.  Well, Apple did just that with the iPad mini.  However, that is not to say that Apple will do the same for a 5" iPhone.  Apple has invested billions in buying manufacturing equipments as well as billions more in R&D.  I believe that Apple could well have been laying the groundwork for this all along.

Another point is that the resolutions we're seeing here today may well be changed at any time.  Sure, people from pundits to developers will moan and groan about it.  Obviously, for the pundits and bloggers, that is their job.  For developers who are on their way of being paid about a billion dollars a month if not more by Apple, I think that kind of money does take the sting out of it all.

Plus, by going further than anyone expects, as in going 1.5x or 2X on the resolution for a theoretical 5" iPhone, it shows the market that Apple can at least keep up if not get ahead of the competition.

At the end of the day, Apple will have weighed in on all the factors that we have laid out and others that we have not considered like manufacturing yields, OS updates, battery lives, etc.  Apple will deliver and millions of us will go out and buy it even if some of those are tech pundits or bloggers who will complain about it.  But they'll still happily hand over their hard-earned money to Apple.

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