Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lighter iPads Coming. Meanwhile, Go To The Gym And Work Your Arms

I think it's same to say that the next Apple update for the 9.7" iPad will including the fifth generation iconic tablet shedding weight. How much? It would be nice to see it closer to 1 pound. Right now, the current iPad stands at weighs in at 1.44 pounds for the wifi only version while the 3G comes in at 1.46.

If the next iPad does indeed shed about a third of its former weight, we would be looking at another engineering breakthrough from Apple. What's more, it'll like be faster and exhibit the same awesome battery.

Of course, only Apple knows when we'll see the next iPad.

Even now, I continue to use my original iPad from 2010, "Steve's iPad" I call it, and for some issues with memory, I love it still.

Until then, for those who whatever reason wanted to find something to complain about the iPad and they come up with its weight to talk about, all I can say is "really?".

Go to the gym and work on this weak muscles in your arms.

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