Saturday, February 23, 2013

iOS 7: The Higher Security (And Maybe Killer Of One Of Our Favorite App)

This post started off as a post about a particular company I thought Apple should buy but, instead, it turned into what I like to see Apple incorporate into OS X and iOS 7.  That company is the maker of 1Password, Agilebits.  But after pondering it for a bit on a short run, I realized this isn't like to ever happen.

The security implication would be too much for Apple to happen in the manner 1Password currently works.  It's why I think previous suggestions based on Apple's security purchase, AuthenTec, provider of mobile security solutions including fingerprints.

I can't think of no better way for security to one's fingerprint.  The issue though is how feasible this is on an iPhone, iPad, or even a Macbook?  Will Apple come out with a keyboard outfitted with a specific fingerprint scanner?

Right now, 1Password still requires one to have remember a master password.  Should something happen to me, hit my head hard or something, and can't remember the password, I'm toast.  However, I'm less likely to lose my fingers (I hope) than lose my password.

It's high time that Apple implement something like this for mobile.  And if it happens, it will be elegant.  And it won't be just for remember passwords.  Apple is likely to implement any new security feature for mobile commerce.

So, what would you prefer?  Accessing sensitive information with a password or your fingerprints?

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