Monday, February 25, 2013

Abandoning Android: Samsung Folding Bada Into Tizen (Which Has Intel’s Support) - Opening for Apple?

So Samsung is phasing out Bada and folding it into Tizen.

Kinda saw this coming.  Who didn’t?  Bada hasn’t been lighting the mobile world on fire and Tizen seems more promising given Intel’s into it as well.  2014 Is going to be a big year for Samsung as we’ll see more how it’ll go about switching from Android to its own OS.  I’m sure Samsung will always making Android devices to some extent. If Samsung is fully committed, this will be a multi-year transition.

But Samsung has to publicly make a declaration.  Otherwise, Samsung fans won’t bite and they’ll stick with Google as the safer choice.

Meanwhile, Google already has shown that it will make a move into the hardware business.  This is now an opportunity for it to take the high-end device mantle from the Galaxy brand.

This is an opportunity for Apple. iOS has had issues with perception of late.  For some reason, Apple’s devices are being perceived by the market as boring or even dated.  There is calls for Apple to drastically change iOS 7.  However, given what could be happening in the Android camp and potentially uncertainty, Apple can gain from the stability it provides in the market.

The iPhone will be faced with plenty of competition in 2013.  Make no mistake that every mobile player is still bring their A-game.  If some how Samsung goofs up its transition from Android to Tizen or that Google looks like it might be hoarding Android, Apple can address some issues regarding iOS and other mobile questions, and gain back some momentum with new schemes to get more iOS devices into user hands or come put with their own phablets, Apple can begin to quiet its critics.

As in really go in for the kill.

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