Monday, February 11, 2013

Media Fail: WSJ, NYT Reports Apple Testing SmartWatch – But So Is Everyone Else Like Samsung, Microsoft, Google

Here is another opportunity for me to discuss a rumor in a different context other than to spread them and take a jab at the media by pointing out how stupid they are.  WSJ and the NYT both reported that Apple is working on a smart watch, AKA iWatch as it is called in the blogworld.  But then again, who isn’t working on a smart watch either as a replacement for the smartphone as another mobile device or as an extension to the smart devices like the iPhone, iPad, or Galaxy devices?

I bet that Apple is working on this but so is LG, Sony, Samsung, and even Google and Microsoft.  There will be plenty of these smart watches on the market soon enough.  It’s not certain that Apple will be among them. You never know what Apple will or will not do.  At the same time, do expect a bunch of these smart watches running Android, Linux, and, perhaps, Windows 8.

Another point I like to make is that not only are these guys, Apple included, play around with watches, they are looking at glasses, HUD, televisions, and other house hold appliances to make them all smart in one form or another.

I reckon Apple is even working on an iCar just to see what they can do with one.  We already know Google’s ambitious plan to make me a car that drives and parks itself (I totally suck at parking).

Of all these companies, I would not bet on Apple to spread iOS love about in just about every direction.  It’s not in their DNA.  However, I do see Google and Microsoft try to seed its OS, apps, and vision further.

So, WSJ/NYT, go a step further and report how Google will eventually own its network of satellites that will reignd own free wireless broadband all over the world.  In fact, maybe they all have to so they can send data to the smart mobile devices, tell when the appliances needs to turn on, and where the cars need to go.

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