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Macbook Discounts So Soon After Christmas, Wonder Why: Bad Sales, New Models

Source:  Appleinsider.

Over the Holidays, you could have gotten a good deal on Macbooks.  After that, prices go back up to where it's high Apple usually likes it.  But according to Appleinsider, you can get a $200 discount off the most basic Macbook Pro with Retina Display.  That would put the Retina Display model at about a $300 premium over a regular Macbook Pro on the low end - much better than the $500 premium we were looking at.

There is no word on how long this will last.  But what's the reason behind the price cuts?  Apple's regular Macbook Pro and Air models have not been discounted much to such an extent but where were still inline with the Christmas discounts.

So, I'll just the basis here for you.  And depending on the reasons for the cuts, it could be a good time to buy.

One theory is that Apple's Mac sales have fallen on hard times.  First quarter sales were off by 1 million units.  Much of that could be attributed to the  inability page for making the iMacs for the quarter.  In fact, you for the iMacs has not improved.  Test, this could be Apple's way of trying to improve Masson's in terms of units.  If this is the reason, no you're good scientific new MacBook if you like.

Another theory, is that Apple has found a way improve yields on the Retina Display.  All along, Apple has been working to lower the cost of Macs for years now. We always knew Retina Display prices would drop.  The $500 premium for the retina display shocked everyone when first released.  Honestly, I thought it would add almost $200 premium.  Of course, I totally discounted how Apple would redesign the Macbooks.

Thirdly, it could be that Apple is on the verge of releasing new Macbook models.  The 15 inch MacBook Pro retina display was released in June 2012. The 13 inch MacBook Pro with retina display was released in October 2012.  It's been about seven months since Apple has updated the 15 inch model. So it is possible Apple is looking to refresh at least a 15 inch MacBook Pro model.  It is unlikely, no let me correct that, it is IMPOSSIBLE Apple will update the 13 inch MacBook Pro only after three months on the market.

Other three series that I laid out for the price discount, I believe the first one is the most likely scenario: Apples MacBook sales have slowed. Discount now will help Apple to meet financial obligations.

Here will be a good place for me to end this post I suggest to my readers what they should do.  But, I am going to offer my "one more thing".

That is, Apple is looking to put another nail in the PC market's coffin. Well PC sales has been dropping, tablet sales have been skyrocketed. As we know, the iPad models is dominating the tablet market. At the same time, people are looking to cabinets as laptop replacement. That would mean more sales for Apple, less sales of laptops, and it will put Microsoft is a very difficult position.

It is not as if Microsoft own hardware plans is doing all that well. The Surface tablet have not been generating the kind of buzz and sales that Redmond had hope.

On top of that Apple has been on the offense lately.  Just last week Apple released the 128 GB iPad models.  This was a direct challenge Microsoft Surface Pro.  Furthermore, by reducing the price of Macs at a critical juncture for Microsoft's Windows 8 sales, Apple is putting more pressure on it's own PC follow.

For instance, with the discount on the 11" MacBook Air, Apple has position it's low-end MacBook Air as another direct alternative, along with the 128 GB iPad, to the Surface Pro.  Both models offer strength for mobile warriors that the Surface Pro is unable to provide.

Apple's offerings has better battery life, larger selection of apps, and first-class designs its competitors cannot offer.

Maybe the Macbook price cuts are about Apple looking to beef up sales, lowering prices due to better yields,  about to release new models, or it is looking to challenge Microsoft.  For potential Macbook buyers, there is no time to buy a Mac than when you need it right away.

Plus, my Spidey sense isn't tingling at all.  I don't think Apple about to release new models.

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