Thursday, February 7, 2013

Plug-Gate: Senator Marco Rubio Hates America Because of iPhone Plugs

Let me be clear.  I'm a fiscal conservative as in I think I should live within my means.  So should the government.  While I think charity and helping neighbors should be the innate duty of every American and there are some things that governments can do that is good for the people, it's not the government's role to legislate many things and overspending.

So, my political views are probably closer to the dumbass gentleman from Florida, Senator Marco Rubio. So, I don't want this to seem like a Democrat bashing a Republican.   Why dumbass, you ask?

As an US senator, he's suggesting that he would migrate over to a phone made by a foreign company from an American one.  An iconic company no less.

In this case, it's Apple and Samsung. Why migrate from Apple over to Samsung?  The reason is stupid to say the least.  It's not even an iOS versus Android issue.  It's because he thinks he has too many Apple plugs!

I have Android devices. I’m considering getting a Galaxy Note 2. My issue isn't him migrating to an Android device.  More power to him.  It's that Rubio is an US senator to tweet about it, it just seem kinda stupid.

Again, my issue isn't related at all to the mobile platform war.  It's his reason and who he stands for. And you know what?  Personally, I don't think you can have enough plugs.

And this is the guy the GOP wants to run for President of the United States in 2016.  Let's spread this around.  Let's call this "Plug-gate".

Note:  I think Romney should have picked him for VP.

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