Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mobile: Thin Should Be Out, Battery Life In

Google's mobile division, AKA Motorola, is working on a new device. An Android device, obviously. No one really knows what specs the device will have but I do have one request to make.

Google, think Droid Razr Maxx HD. Think iPhone 5. By this, I mean consider the long battery life the Maxx has and what the battery life on the iPhone 5 would be if Apple doesn't go for thin.

The Maxx HD has a 3,300 mAh battery coming in at 9.3 mm thick while the iPhone 5 is 2mm thinner at 7.3 mm with only 1,440 mAh of battery.

The weight difference is more apparent with the RAZR coming in at 156 grams versus the iPhone 5 at 112 grams. However, the RAZR is a bigger phone after all.

Having said all that, I gladly take battery life over thinness any day. In the last few days, battery life issues has been a recurring theme for many bloggers and people I know as CES just ended, Blackberry just introduced the new Z10, and a wave of new Android devices are waiting in the wing.

Everyone wants longer battery life for their mobile devices. Almost everyone thinks their current device is thin enough. Instead of going even thinner, users want any space saved with each new chip or hardware change to be used for bigger batteries.

iPhones and Android devices have brought huge changes to our lives in the last five years. But mobile computing has not come close to its potential because of limits in battery life.

Not processing power, screen sizes, or other newer features like BT 4.0 or NFC.

Mobile warriors have been living on their devices and we are ready move away from laptops and cut that cord to the older PC era. We want to cut the cord to the outlet as well.

The RAZR Maxx HD is probably the closest thing to a mobile device that frees the user to do whatever he or she wants without worry about the life line of the phone dying on them before the day is up.

So hopefully, we will see tech companies put more into longer battery life than continuing the arms race of having more cores and/or going even thinner.

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