Friday, February 1, 2013

Apple TV: Pending HBO Deal Shows Tech Pundits/Bloggers Are Getting Ahead Of Themselves

Earlier, I wrote about how Apple's attempt to bring HBO to the Apple TV is a good move but doesn't make sense for those who want to cut the cord or have already done so.  Here, a post from The Atlantic that agrees with that assertion.

On top of that, HBO on TV for the consoles have been around for about a year if not longer.  There are a couple of points that I like to further make on this issue.

One, Apple's history of changing lives, how do we do things, and whole industries has spoiled us badly.  Apple TV started off as a hobby for Apple and continues to be so.  A lot of deal was made about television when Steve Jobs' authorized biography claimed that he has cracked television.

What he means only he and Apple knows and Apple remains just as secretive as ever.  But this notion only serves to generate the craziness and irrational exuberance that we have come to expect from every bone-headed rumor or news about Apple.

Tim Cook only indicated Apple has plans for the living room and they continue to work towards that.  The small incremental change to the Apple TV may just be that plan.

Second, Apple's TV plans may not be revolutionary at all.  Tim Cook and his team may come to terms that content providers and the power structure in place in Hollywood will not change for years if not decades and any revolution for television may not happen as quickly as we like.  So, what does Apple do?  It'll have to take what it can and move the goal line by inches rather than leaps.

When you take both points together, you come to one conclusion about Apple's plan for the television.  It's a ground game like in football where you fight for every single yard.  It's not going to be a Joe Montana like bomb and throws everyone into a frenzy.

We may get HBO in 2013.  Maybe more video services or app store in a year or two.  And 4K a few years after that.  It'g going to take a whole to get to media nirvana in the living room.

Oh, and if you think that someone else is going to come along and do what Apple can't, think again.  It will not matter if it's Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or Samsung.  They have their own battle plans for the living room and they looking exactly like Apple's.

The gatekeepers of media content has learned from the music industry. Giving Apple the key to the kingdom in their minds was a mistake and they won't let what happen to the music industry happen to them.

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