Monday, February 18, 2013

Samsung Out Innovating Apple? Depends

Source:  CNN.

This CNN posts declares that Samsung is innovating faster than Apple has.  It points to the split screen feature in the Samsung Note 2 that allows for more than one app to be used at the same time.  Over all, it's not the greatest example but I do feel that it is a fair argument.  But it really depends on where you're coming from.

I think a fairer argument is that Samsung has more models than Apple on the market with a variety of screen sizes.  Even that is also oversimplifying things.

Both companies take different approaches to how their release products to their customers.  Apple obviously has one model but in all likelihood, it has also many prototypes that they work with in their secret lairs that will never see the light of day.  They then decide on one that works that works best for their customers from a hardware, design, and experience standpoint.  At that corner where all the factors meet.

Samsung, and not just them, likely take the same approach but has a more liberal view on what to give its customers.  Hence, you’ve got a range of devices with varying capabilities and screen sizes from 3” all the way up to 5.5”.  The good thing about this is that it gives users plenty of choices.  The danger is, obviously, having too many choices.

For Apple’s users, it’s easier.  Just the iPhone 5 at the top and iPhone 4 or 4S at the bottom.  It’s not a lot of choices but you don’t hear a lot of complaints about it either.

Where I see Google and its friends doing much better is working on adding new features and services faster than Apple.  Between Apple and Google’s cloud services, I have to say that Google is years ahead of Apple.

Furthermore, the article made a very good point: with the 5” and up devices, Samsung and others have entered into a category of mobile devices that is changing with the times.  People are using their devices to consume data more than making calls.  And to communicate, they're doing video or text, not calling as much as before.

And trend is growing in that direction.  Consuming content and communication beyond voice.  On this, Apple is lacking.  Sure, Apple has the iPad mini for that in some respect but it’s not exactly easy to fit into one’s pocket.

Somehow, since 2007 with the original iPhone debut, Apple has become an underdog in eyes of some.  Well, Apple does  have its advocates but, lately, it does seem like they’ve been playing defense when making argument on Apple’s behalf.

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