Saturday, February 16, 2013

Apple Posted Apple TV Manager Job - What If It's To Throw Us Off?

Source:  Macrumors, 9to5Mac.

Apple has been working on Apple TV for years now.  It's one of the longest beta, oops, I mean hobby I know.  The original Apple TV was introduced on January 8th, 2007.  It's been more than six years.  And Apple just posted that they are looking for engineering manager to run the Apple TV project.

I find the timing a bit weird.  And on top of that, Apple was very open about what the job is for.  Based on the wording and timing, I wonder if this was an open attempt by Apple to mislead the media through the blogs and its competitors.

I've got no proof of this.  However, Apple has been through three generations of one of the most paid-attention hobbies, not to mention expensive in terms of R&D resources put into it, in six years so I like to think Apple already has a team and structure in place to move things forward.

If I'm right and Apple is trying to throw us off the Apple TV scent, I've got a couple of theories why.

  • Apple TV, some finalized version that is good enough to graduate from being a hobby, could be ready for unveiling along with associated services.
  • In hiring a new manager, Apple is trying to get everything to think it's going in a certain direction with the job posting which is what we are seeing now but they could be heading towards another direction entirely.  
  • There has been a lot of chatters about Apple TV lately.  A job posting now about Apple TV may be an attempt to slow down the rumors or talk about some kind of new release for 2013.  Back in end of January, a FCC filing showed a new slightly changed Apple TV.  What was unusual was that Apple reached out to The Verge with an explanation.  Essentially, Apple's message was "stop looking".
Apple has had other job postings that various blogs have talked about.  This has different feel to it.  The thing with Apple is that nothing is what they always seem.  One other possibility is that the Apple TV has fallen apart and Apple wants some fresh looks at it.  And I hate to think that is why Apple is hiring a new Apple TV manager.

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