Thursday, March 7, 2013

Apple Patent Allows Reselling of Digital Content

Source:  CNet.

The impact of this Apple patent that allows users to sell their digital content to another is very important, more than just getting of things you no longer want:  music, video, apps.  And it could lead to lowering of prices of expensive TV and movies over time.

First, music and apps in app stores are very cheap.  You can't argue against ninety-nine cents.  However, I do have a beef with TV and movie prices that cost more to buy and download than to have to go to Best Buy and picking up a copy, be it DVD or HD versions.

That just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  And over time, prices will come down as physical media sales continue to nosedive.  However, if Apple implements this patent, it could drive costs lower.

Essentially, this is how Apple's patent would work: you buy a movie and you own the digital rights to watch it.  But you're disappointed with the quality of this crap out of Hollywood so you sell it to your wife's father who you hate.  He pays you for that rights and it transfer to him, gaining him the ability to watch that movie, and you no longer can.

What's ingenious about this patent is that a portion of the transaction fee for the resale could go to the original content producer/provider.  This would negate any whining from music studios or movie/TV makers.

What's interesting is Amazon has a scheme to allow users to resell their own content.

I guess the next step is for Amazon and Apple to negotiate with content rights owners and producers to enact this.  Personally, I can't wait.

It's stupid that I have to pay for a $20 HD movie that is a year old when Best Buy may have the Blu-Ray disc on sale for $5 on a given week.  I'm not one to have to go out and buy a movie right away. I'm cheap and so I can wait.

I hope we see this sort of reseller market soon.  It'll very dynamic and could even lead to sort of an exchange based on demand.

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