Thursday, March 7, 2013

Twitter's App Upate Is Very Meticulous and Applesque

Source:  iMore.

Twitter just updated their iOS app in ways that is very Apple-like and so much so that I started writing this post with "Apple just updated their iOS app...".  What is much improved is search and a bit on looking at a webpage within the app.

Small incremental updates to an improving app.  so much so that I've deleted one other Twitter app because the official one is already good enough.

What also very Apple like is removal of features.  Additional video upload services is now gone.  Remember now Apple sometimes get rid of competitions from their Macs or iOS?

One feature I really would like for a future update (sooner rather than later) is the ability to have more than one account.  It would really become the one true Twitter app for power users.  This isn't something that the average mobile warrior would need but it would silence that vocal minority once and for all.

Back to the Apple-like improvements.  There were more than a few folks who about a year ago talked about how Apple should acquire Twitter because it would be a natural fit and that Apple would have its own social media platform.

I found that to be very unlikely to happen as it is not in Apple's DNA.  After all, Apple wants some form of control on iOS and OS X but it also wants to place nice with the likes of Facebook in the very competitive mobile market.

And that is what Tim Cook did even when Steve Jobs wouldn't play ball with Facebook's Zucker (I know that's not his name but that's my pet name for MZ).

It also says a lot about how Apple's influence has changed its competitors and those who are striving to be like Apple.

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