Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baseless Apple Speculations No Longer Just Hurt Imaginary Products, Also Really Ones Too

iWatch again.  I’m really tried of it.  First, Apple needed to release an iWatch or else it’ll be doomed as analysts suggest.  Now, it’s iWatch ain’t gonna do a thing to save Apple.

Seriously, on what freaking planet are these analysts from?  Forget tech pundits.  Pundits and bloggers all have something in the mobile horse race – either as supporters or with axes to grind.  But what about Wall Street analysts?

I’m not going to link to particular post because it’s just insane these days.  More recently, you’ve got an analyst who talked up the iWatch and only to downgrade it because he doesn’t think it’ll do Apple much good.  All of that on a non-existent product!

Oh, then there’s another analyst who year after year said that Apple will release its own HDTV.  And through it all, he upgraded or downgraded the stock based on stuff going on in his nut-job mind, again, based on a product that Apple may never bring to the market.

Here’s the bottom-line, my fellow mobile warriors.  This craziness is exactly why we try not to get into this game.  Sure, we speculate.  It’s fun.  Harmless and I said it each time right at the top.  However, it’s just me and some friends talking.  Nothing more.

If I’m Tim Cook, I’d be like “frak this…let’s tank the Apple stock some more and finance a takeover plan with the cash and take Apple private”.  Issue like a $500 billion bond which is probably more of a sure thing than any sovereign debt these days.

It wouldn’t solve the rumors/pundits issue but it sure would shut the analysts up since they wouldn’t be able to cover Apple anymore.

Note:  I honestly didn't know where this post was going to go but it always come down to people make stuff up based on shady sources to get clicks for ad revenues.

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