Wednesday, March 20, 2013

CNN: Z10 Won't Save Blackberry

Source:  CNN.  


CNN tried to be generous about Blackberry’s Z10 but you can tell that they’re just coming up short of tell you not to buy it.  They like the hardware even though they acknowledged that it’s behind its rivals like the iPhone, Galaxy S 4, and the HTC One.

This must be very disheartening for once dominant Canadian mobile giant.  The problem seems be the OS itself.  CNN believes, it has some polishing to do while it lacks some major native apps that its competition has plenty of.

The post ends with the fact that Blackberry lacks the infrastructure that Apple and Google has to make distinctive features like Google Now and Siri.  Personally, I would not have mentioned Apple in the same breath as Google when it comes to web services and infrastructure (Google is so far ahead of everyone else) but we get the point.

You cannot help but feel that the current BB10 hardware, and there are only two, is Blackberry’s attempt to stem the bleeding and show investors and consumers that it has the staying power to keep up with the big boys.

Regardless of how Blackberry does in third word markets, it has to hold ground in Canada and somehow demonstrate it can keep up with the Jones.  All Blackberry has to do is to show that it can be a strong distant third, ahead of Windows Phone.  It should not be too hard.  But if it screws that up, you can forget about 2014.

We're not going to see any major flagship Windows Phone devices from Nokia at least not until the second half of 2013.  We might see a Surface phone but Microsoft might hold that off to see how its partners do this time around.

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