Thursday, March 14, 2013

Galaxy S 4: What's Happening Now, Event Later This Evening

Source of videos: Engadget.

For those who want to watch Samsung's Galaxy S 4 unveiling live tonight, you can follow it on Samsung's Youtube page.  Honestly, I do hope more folks do their media events this way.  Live blogging is fun but only for the snarky comments from readers.

Here are some supposedly leaked videos of the next Samsung flagship Android device, the Galaxy S 4, in action.  It’s enough to wet our appetites until the official unveiling tonight.  There’s a lot of festivities going on prior to tonight’s main event.

Obviously, we have the leak videos as well as some interesting Samsung videos to promote the S4.  I won’t put them up.  It was unfortunate that I had to sit through it already.  I won’t make you do the same.

Oh, and there are obviously a lot of bloggers across the wide spectrum of fanboyism chiming in on this.  Let’s not forget the pundits, both paid and click-baiting ones.

And of course, let’s not forget Apple’s Phil Schiller’s offensive/defensive (depending on which side of the Android or iOS you come down on) against Android in general with some unprecedented interviews with the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

Already, Samsung’s competitors like LG has some media disruptions planned already with billboards in NY.

And for those of us looking at the dry well from Apple lately, if Apple wanted to draw attention from the Galaxy S 4 unveiling, today would be a good day for them to announcement some kind of forthcoming media even for whatever they might have up their sleeves.

Anyway, we know what Blackberry has in store, HTC with its One, Nokia already has its fleet of Windows 8 devices, Apple with the iPhone 5, and Google with the Nexus 4.  Now, it's Samsung's turn.  And believe it or not, the onus is on Samsung to wow us.

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