Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Macbook Air With Retina Display: At Least A Year Away, Battery Life More Important Anyway

We all know that Apple refreshed the new line of Macbook Airs for 2013 at Monday's WWDC keynote with amazing new processors along with much needed longer battery life.  The 11" Air battery life will go up to 9 hours while the 13" version will get up to 12 hours.

However, we didn't get everything we wanted.  At least, I did.  That's Retina Display on the 11", or, for that matter, the 13".  Sure, we know that the integrated processor that comes with Intel CPU, while much improved, still are no where near the point where Apple is comfortable adding a Retina Display which would require more processing power while maintaining this level of battery life.

However, there is one other reason.  Retina Display yield.  According to Macdailynews, Sharp has down off  11.6" displays with 2,560×1,440.  That is about double what we have now with the 11" Air resolution at .  Even if Apple wanted to sacrifice some battery life for the sake of adding a Retina Display now, Sharp will not be able to satisfy Apple's demand.

So, I have to agree with Apple on this front.  I think battery life is more important than anything when it comes to mobile.  Even for the iPhone and iPad.  For any mobile device.

So, a Macbook Air with Retina Display is at least a year away.  Awesome display and long battery life?  Worth the wait if you can.

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