Blackberry Sends Flagship Z10 Down To $0

Source: Phone Arena

Thing have really gotten bad for Blackberry. I'm the hopeful optimistic type so when I don't say this lightly. But I'm about to call it for Blackberry.

It's over. I'm am sorry to say. I can't see Blackberry pulling a super magical rabbit out of a hat. At this point, it doesn't been have a hat to pull anything out of.

There is a very, very slimmer of chance things can improve. Its Q10, a form factor that most Blackberry fans and most business users are familiar due to its physical keyboard, maybe stave off any Android and iPhone assault this fall and winter a bit.

Even then, it's only a temporary measure at best. It's unlike Blackberry has what it takes to move beyond 2014 as an independent concern.

Even now, Blackberry is having trouble keeping its head above water in its fight against Windows Phone for third place in the mobile market. Once a while back, Blackberry could rely on third world markets to gain in these markets but that is now largely Android's domain.

And with the high end of the market dominated by Apple and Samsung, things in the middle could get worse for Blackberry if the unicorn $300-400 iPhone becomes real.

Maybe when I see a price drop for the Q10, I'll pick one up. Who knows? It may be the last modern Blackberry with a keyboard from the Waterloo company.

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