Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gene Munster, Apple Analyst: In the Business of Being Wrong and Rewarded For It

Source:  Macrumors.

Through I love reading credible rumors, I don't like to talk about them here.  However, from time to time, I make exception on rumors to make a point or look at it from a speculative point of view.  Now, I'm gonna make a point.

See, Apple analysts have been in the business of writing reports to drive up or down Apple's stock price.  And they get rewarded handsomely for it whether they're right or wrong.  See, there is one Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray who is so wrong that it's incredible that Apple blog sites even bring him up at all.  It's like he's an one-man DigiTimes.

The latest out of him is that an upcoming low-end iPhones will not support Siri.  Are you kidding me?!

The lowest of the low iOS devices, the iPod touch, has Siri and dictation support.  How can a critical device like the rumored iPhone Color, a device to propel Apple's mobile dominance onto higher level not have Siri?

Maybe Munster isn't aware of this because he's got his head stuck up the you-know-what about Apple releasing its own HDTV that he doesn't realize what a critical future Siri has in Apple's mobile and computing plans.

I love rumors and speculations but this one, like those spread by Digitimes, just are plainly not worth posting. For Digitimes, I get that its click-baits.  For analyst reports, it's about fiance.  Apple bloggers should stop posting these nonsense and stick with true juicy rumors.

NOW, why does Munster think Siri will not be in the iPhone Color?  Well, it's because it wasn't available on the iPhone 3GS and 4, two devices that were released prior to Siri and the iPhone 4S.  And because the 3GS and 4 were low-end devices, he concluded the iPhone Color, being a low-end device will not have Siri.

Seriously, do these guys not even try to think just a little?

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