Monday, August 12, 2013

Founder of Telsa and SpaceX Reveals HyperLoop - As Smooth As Riding Space Mountain

Source:  CNetSpaceX.

A press conference will be held soon to provide more details but we already know what Elon Musk, on his way to becoming this generation's Edison or Jobs with SpaceX and Tesla, now he wants to revolutionize long-distance travel with HyperLoop.

"It'll be a smooth as riding the Space Mountain at Disneyland" is the quote but I'm not sure it was all that smooth to begin with.  But we all get what he's trying to say.

So far, we know that it'll go up to 800 miles per hour on the ground through a series of tubes (according to one Alaskan senator, "series of tubes") and be sped up much like a railgun that we see in science fiction shows and books.

More details to follow.  I'm very excited about this.

My only problem with this, a major one, is logistics and find the space for this to be built.  Musk said the optimal range for this is between cities that are around 900 miles apart.  That's great and all except that in the US, I can see such an endeavor run into series of roadblocks - political, environmental, etc.

And yet, as Musk pointed out, there is now already an over-budget and very late high-speed train system in California, home to Musk and myself, that cannot come close to the HyperLoop. I imagine this is where he came up with the idea of promoting it.

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