Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How Does 1 TB For Your iOS Devices Sound?

Source: The Droid Guy.

I have only 16 gigabytes on my iPhone. 32 gigabyte on my iPad. And 32 gigabyte Nexus 7. As you can see, adequate for today I am already considering 64 for my next device, whatever it is.  There will come a time when we look back on this day and wonder how we could have lived on such small quantity of storage and not all of it available to the use remind you.  Just ask those hapless Surface users.

Now, a new start up is going to try to bring that time closer by giving us one terabyte of data of storage for out mobile devices. The company is called Crossbar.  The new storage is called resistive RAM or ReRAM.  What's more amazing is that the new storage will be faster, smaller than today's memory chips, and use much less power.

How long until we see the new type of storage, ReRAM?

Well, there's a good news. They are ready to go into production. However, I recommend it will be very expensive won't be coming too the next Galaxy, iPhone, Nexus or any other mobile devices for quite a while. However, the company start working with Crossbar right now to make this happen. Companies like Panasonic an HP.

So meanwhile, I'll be looking to muddle along on 64 or 128 GB for my next mobile device or tablet until s such time.

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