Thursday, August 8, 2013

T-Mobile Looking To Become Apple's Official "Unofficial" Carrier

Source:  Macrumors.

Apple and Mac bloggers are looking to crown Apple, specifically the iPhone 5, as T-Mobile's saviors as its first full quarter of carrying the iPhone net it more than 1.1 million users instead of bleeding them.  Well, I think the iPhone 5 helped.  Definitely.

After all, T-Mobile sold 900K iPhones (a very old device by today's mobile cycle standard) against 600K of the very new Galaxy S 4 from Samsung.  So, it's likely that combined, both Apple and Samsung, more Apple than Samsung, helped T-Mobile.

Having said that, imagine what Apple can and will do for T-Mobile with the next iPhone.

Still, I think it's T-Mobile's "uncarrier" plans that play just as big of a role as the iPhone.  When Sprint got the iPhone, it felt the Apple effect but not to the extent of T-Mobile just got.  Sprint did not have a game-changing business model that T-Mobile current has.

I think in the next couple of quarters, we will see T-Mobile gain additional momentum as word of mouth of its plans spread through the mobile market.  Mobile warriors like myself will look upon this and realize just how important the Apple-T-Mobile partnership really is.

Maybe only the Apple-AT&T partnership back in 2007 was more revolutionary.

Also, having said all that, T-Mobile is looking to Apple for more growth as it looks to add other Apple products and services in the future.  By that, I figure its talking about the iPad.  I just don't see T-Mobile or any other carriers selling any other Apple devices, do you?

But the enthusiasm that T-Mobile is now feeling for Apple's iOS devices (those with LTE capabilities) seems to indicate that it is willing to become the final destination for iPhone and iPad fans.  Right now, I'm using T-Mobile's monthly $30 plan, 100 minutes and 5 GB of high speed data.

Perhaps, T-Mobile should announce a plan or two like this specifically to cater to iPhone users.  Even with just the Uncarrier plans and just the iPhone 5 or the next iPhone, I can see T-Mobile begin to stabilize over the next couple of quarters and start stealing users from its three main rivals.

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