Monday, September 23, 2013

Biggest Issues For iPhone 5s Buyers - Shipment, and Unlocked Or Not

I've been going through forums at various Apple and Mac sites to find out information about my iPhone 5s, still stuck in Asia somewhere, and there appears to be a few main issues that many are concerned about.

First, there are a group of iPhone 5s buyers who have a ship date of 1 to 3 days with a promise of delivery around the last couple of days of September into October 2nd.  I was excited when I began hearing that some folks have received an updated e-mail from Apple that their product has shipped along with a tracking number.  I only got mine this morning.  I've got an estimated delivery date of end of day September 26th, two to seven days ahead of Apple's own estimated delivery window. 

So now, many of us are wondering how realistic that is.  Some speculated maybe some of these 1-3 days iPhones are actually sitting in a warehouse awaiting delivery here in the US.  I think that's unlikely.  In fact, things have been heating up all day. It's kinda of fun and interesting to track, not only the status of various iPhones (going from Preparing For Shipment" to "Shipped"), but also the level of excitement of soon-to-be iPhone 5s owners.

While I'm guilty of hitting the reload icon on my browser to update my own UPS tracking status, I certainly have not gone through the level of tracking possible UPS flights.  That's a new one for me.  I'm sure later tonight when I've got nothing to do, I'll probably end up doing the same once my iPhones are US bound. 

Also, I honestly cannot say whether the locked/unlocked issue for the iPhones has been resolved or not.  Some say it depends on whether you buy the T-Mobile version from Apple or the T-Mobile store will determine if it's locked or unlocked.  Others have indicated it depends on what sim card you've got installed that matters.  I'm watching this issue closely because one of my T-Mobile iPhone 5s, which does say "unlocked" on my confirmation e-mail, will be used with an AT&T sim card.

If you're new to the iPhone and Apple religion, you have all this excitement to look forward to each and every single year.  And it's not over.  The iPhone 5s shipment has been pushed back to an indeterminate date and given a vague October window so I'm many more millions of users will be looking to find out what's going on. 

And let's not forget about upcoming OS X Mavericks launch that could come with an updated Macbook Pro line-up.  And one more thing, the iPad.  Yeah, that launch is also coming in a few weeks.  So, look for excitement, anxiety, giddiness, and whatever emotions that come with an Apple launch to continue through the rest of the year. 

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