Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tracking iPhone 5s Shipment Gets More Sophisticated

I've been tracking my iPhone 5s along with hundreds of thousands if not millions of US buyers, eagerly waiting for the arrival of our "precious" at our doorsteps.  Well, in the past, you just have UPS or whoever Apple contracts out to make that happen.

Today, there's Flight Aware.  It's a real time tracking website for flights.  I still have no clear idea how any of my fellow eager iPhone owners figure out which flight is which but I don't care.  Here's my current flight out of Incheon International in Korea to Anchorage, Alaska.

Judging by these numbers and ETA, the UPS delivery date for Thursday for my iPhone 5s should make it.  From there, I'll have to rely on others again to figure out the collecting flight from Anchorage to wherever my iPhone is supposed to go in the Midwest before coming back out west again to California and into my little hands.

Here's the thing that I gathered from this.  I know where Zhengzhou, China is now.  I know where Incheon, Korea is now.  And yes, as an American, I know where Alaska is (and I know you can't see Russia from there!).  So, tracking iPhone delivery is one way we can learn about geography without going to war after all!

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