Thursday, September 5, 2013

Famed Analyst With Great Track Record Talks iPad 2013

KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has made a name for himself.  Alone, he has out predicted other fellow analysts and tabloid-like tech press like Digitimes.  And he's come out with more just days from Apple's iPhone event and weeks from new iPad unveiling.

You can read the rest on Macrumors.  It's plausible and makes sense to me.

I've got only one issue with this.  The lower-cost iPad mini Kuo focused on.  I think we will see it on 2013 and it's last year's iPad mini at a lower price.

It's unlikely that the Retina Display iPad mini will cost more than $330.  If anything, it'll take over that price point which is what the 2012 iPad mini cost when it first debut and even now.  This will allow Apple to lower the 2012 mini down to $280, maybe even $250 - one can only hope.

Kuo seems to suggest that Apple will offer a mini in 2014 that is different from the current iPad mini.  We had all assumed that the mini pricing model will follow that of the iPad, which is what I've outlined above.  When the iPad 3 came out, the iPad 2 was offered at a reduced price of $100.

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