Thursday, September 5, 2013

Apple and Google's Greatest Fear Still: A Resurgence of Microsoft

Let's be honest.  There is no brand recognition in consumer device that rival that of Apple.  Sure, we speak of Samsung as if it is in the same league.  It's not.  Not even close. The top line of the Galaxy S devices come close to one of Apple's iPhone.  Google is recognize as a brand only because of its search.  However, Microsoft is unique in that Windows is freaking everywhere even as the PC market slows and shrinks.

This why even as Apple battles Android devices in the mobile market, there has never been a fear of the Galaxy or Nexus brand overshadowing the iPhone.  Nor doe Google fear Apple's iCloud effort.  I mean, what a joke compared to Google apps, right?

Even as Microsoft's mobile and cloud efforts made Redmond looks confused and dazed, it is nevertheless a confused and dazed giant.  A very rich one at that.

If Surface 2 fails, it's like Microsoft has one more chance.  That will be its own Lumia phone.  Not the ones in the pipeline but maybe 18-24 months down the line when it has had time to work out one that is a definitive Microsoft device.

However, if that fails, then Microsoft as a going concern in mobile is likely over.  At that point, it could try to become an Oracle, IBM, or HP and let Apple, Google, or whatever's left to find out for the hearts and minds of mobile warriors.

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