Thursday, September 5, 2013

Talk of New 17 Watt Charger From Apple May Not Be For New Product But Better Battery

There was chatter all over the Internet earlier this week about the discovery of a new 17 Watt charger that Apple is working or already is sitting around ready to go.  Hence, the immediate reaction is "wow, new product!"

Maybe.  That was my reaction and hope.  But saying and thinking it doesn't make it so.  Which is why we also have to consider other explanations.

Extensions offered just one such plausible and likely scenario.  Apple figured out a way to add more charge and improve battery capacity within the same confines of the iOS form factor and requires a bigger and more capable charger.

I am assumed that this is for an iOS device, probably the new iPad because Apple may have fit more battery inside that thin body but needs a better charger to charge it.

So, there you go.  What do you think?  Is the 17 Watt charger for a new product or for the iPad because it now has a bigger battery?

I want to get into this more because it's fun to speculate but I can't help but share this one now.  What if it's a bigger screened iPad?  No way, right?!  Still, that would be awesome!

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