Thursday, September 12, 2013

iPhone 5s Order Strategy: Lots of Coffee, Perseverance, Chatting With Friends

Apple HQ is in Cupertino.  That in California.  That's in the Pacific time zone.  That means it's pretty awesome to be living in California where I'm at because I'm in sync with a lot of Apple going-on.  Events are PST and that means most launches are as well.
So, this is why the iPhone 5C preorder starts midnight PST - 12 AM, Friday morning.  Unfortunately, the iPhone 5s won't be available for preordering like other iPhones in the previous year.  Maybe Apple wants buzz by forcing fans to line up.  Maybe, as is likely the case, 5s supply is constraint at launch.  Whatever the reason, I'm hoping that Apple will make the iPhone 5s available for ordering on September 20th midnight, a week from this Friday.
That means my strategy for ordering a week from now, assuming Apple does open up order for the 5s on the same day it makes it available for purchase in the stores, also applies to you folks looking to order the 5C, about ten hours from now.
To start, stay awake.  That's key.  Also, it's about perseverance.  It's not enough you stay awake.  Depending on demand, which sounds like Apple has high hope that there will be plenty of folks who want the iPhone 5C, you could run into server issues.  When a few hundred thousand, maybe millions, of folks are trying to order at the same time, you end up slowing down the system.  It's can feel like a denial of service attack.
This is how I see my Thursday night a week from now.  I'm gonna go home, clean up, sort through the mail, and then go to the gym.  Order a nice dinner, haven't decided on what yet, and come around 8:30-ish.  Do some work while listening to podcasts or just have Netflix playing.  Meanwhile, I'll also be linked to an IRC or forums to keep an eye on whatever one else is doing or saying.
Then around 10:30, I'll head out and get coffee or snack/dessert and come back just after 11.  I've already told Siri to alert me around 11:40 that it's almost time.  I'll have my Macbook Air, Macbook point to the Apple store.  And iPhone/iPad at the ready with the Apple Store app.
Once 12 AM hits, Thursday give way to Friday, the race is on.  I think during that 5 to 6 hours, I'll probably also down about four cups of coffee.

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