Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mobile: T-Mobile Shows Being Consumer Friendly Helps As "Uncarrier" Plans Added Record Number of Subscribers

Source:  BGR.

T-Mobile's consumer friendly plans, though not as perfect but close to what we all want, is paying off as it recorded a record number of new subscribers in August.  That's great news.  We'll have to see just where these customers are coming from and if it's enough to get its larger competitors off their butts and following T-Mobile.

It could be a while before you expect the likes of AT&T, one of the most unfriendly companies as far as consumers are concerned, does anything.  However, T-Mobile's lower monthly plans, because it no longer subsidizes devices, has created transparency never seen before in the wireless carrier industry.

For those new subscribers, what's not to like?  No more two-year plans that lock you in.  You pay for the plans you want and the cost of the phone is a separate line item charge if you pay T-Mobile on a monthly basis for the cost of the phone.  Once you're done paying off the phone, you only pay for the wireless plan.  Unlike other carriers, they continue to charge you even if you aren't upgrading your phone.

Boy Genius Report, the source for this post, also earlier called T-Mobile's disruption "gimmicky".  It's not perfect but I don't see where it's a gimmick, do you?

And with new devices like the Note 3 and iPhone 5s leading the charge, the more consumer friendly T-Mobile could benefit greatly.  I see AT&T suffering as a result.

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