Friday, September 6, 2013

JAVRIS coming to iOS: Siri Should Be Worried

JAVRIS, if you're not aware, is Tony Stark's version of Siri but vastly better. It's what Siri should be and more. Well, we are a long way off from that.

However, Marvel Comic, owned by Disney, will be releasing a JAVRIS app for the iOS platform. Now, don't get excited. It's an app that will simulate some of the Iron Man look and feel at best. It will not work like that in the movie.

However, as an inspiration, Apple should look to JAVRIS in the Iron Man movies and strive to make Siri like the digital assistant.

Right iOS version does some stuff that Siri already does with ease - messages, weather, etc. But it sounds like real purpose of JAVRIS is for Marvel to sell ringtones and the movie to users.

It is unlike enough for me to download and keep using it. However, I do hope that the head of the Siri team watched the Iron Man movies and will get his team working on a JAVRIS-like Siri.

Source: iMore.

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