Friday, September 6, 2013

Mobile Ordering: Letting Patrons Order With Their Phones

We're at a Japanese restaurant in Pasadena, CA on a busy Friday night (I should be able to make it home in time for the NASA moon launch tonight - if not, I'll watch it on my phone).

Even at this time, there is a long line of people waiting for their turn to be seated.

I like the people here. The servers work very hard, running around. I got to thinking. While it is good to have some interaction with the servers who are always smiling, it would sure help with efficiency if I could order via a dedicated app, leaving the servers to waste as little time running around.

It's my understanding many establishments already equip their servers with Android devices or iPads to enter orders. How cool is that right?

Even so, those places are in the minority. What I want, a dedicate app would go beyond ordering food. If I need a refill, more napkins, or need to order something else, I can use the app instead of trying to get the attention of our servers.

And one more thing, specials. Sometimes the servers are in such a rush that they go over the day's specials so quickly, it requires repeating. Instead, the specials would populate the app and the patrons and see what they are for themselves.

Of course, if you've for questions, well, that what the servers are for. For everything else, there's your phone.

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