Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tale of Two iPhone 5s: Just Seven Minutes Apart

I ordered two iPhone 5s's.  One for me and one for my brother.  He's a decent guy, ungrateful at times but he served the country well.  Anyway, both of them were ordered a couple minutes after midnight on Friday, September 20th.

I was fortunately enough to have both of them shipped at the time they were this Monday out of Zhenzhou, China.  And along with the half million iPhone owners tracking that same UPS99 flight, we saw it land safely in Louisville, Kentucky.  And from there, we go our separate ways.

Here's what's interesting. My information said that I would not get my iPhones until this Thursday.  But I had hoped that somehow, they would squeak by and make it out on the UPS to Ontario, California flight today.

When I woke around 5 am PST to check, sadly, one of the tracking numbers said "The scheduled connection was missed".

I was like "frak!" and I went back to bed.  This morning, I tracked the other number right when I woke up.  I couldn't believe!

Out for delivery!

As you can see, the two tracking information - one is coming to me today, the gold 64 GB version (mine) while my brother's is still in Louisville, and won't get here until Thursday at the earliest.

The difference was this:  7 minutes.  The two import scans - mine at 2:10 am local time and the other one at 2:17 am local time.

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