Wednesday, October 2, 2013

iPad 2 Still On Sale - What Happens After iPad 5 Comes Out?

There.  You see?  iPad 2 is still on sale after it has been out since 2011.  We've gone through the iPad 3 in the spring of 2012 and then the iPad 4 the Christmas shopping season later that year.  Nothing in the spring of 2013 so we know something's up for Christmas of 2013.

And that would be the iPad 5.  I wonder if the iPad 2 will remain on sale?  After all, sitting at $399 with 16 GB, it's enticing.  Schools or folks who just want to save that extra $100. They can go with the iPad 2.

My feeling is that it'll still be around.  Maybe it'll be called the iPad Classic and might get an upgraded CPU to go with the times.  If that's the case and if there is enough demands, Apple can continue to put the iPad 2 with CPU updates each year without increasing the screen resolution.

However, it's also possible that Apple will get rid of it entirely.  Maybe drop the iPad 4 down to the $399 spot with 8 GB of storage for anyone who's interested.  There are plenty of people who can live off 8 GB.

One other scenario is that Apple will just get rid of the $399 entry point and point iPad owners to the mini instead.

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