Thursday, October 3, 2013

We Should Hear About iPad 5 Event Soon

Although I have no specific information, I think we should the hearing from Apple regarding a new October iPad event fairly soon. Perfect like everyone else, we wait for Apple to tell us when to mark calendar and call for the live blogs does who are fortunate enough to be invited to Apple's campus for the iPad event.

It's already October 3rd. Its typical the Apple give you a couple weeks to prepare. That means, we can text and it sent to fall on October 15th or the 22nd. Both of those days are Tuesdays. And we all know how Apple love to do events on Tuesdays.
I'm willing to wager that if it's the 15th, we should hear those privileged few bloggers and tech reporters to begin to receive their invitations this week. However, it is on the 22nd that's likely to fall on next week.

Then the following up question is how long after that will we be able to pick up or ordering the new iPad. That's a little hard to guess. It really depends on inventory build up Apple has prepared.
It is possible that Apple will open up pre-ordering on Friday after the event. Then, they will make it generally available for the public to go into the Apple stores and other retailers to buy them in person.
Between the 15th and the 22nd, I think it's like we were talking about the 22nd rather than the 15th. 

That is just me. Hope it's the 15th but life as you know has a way of disappointing you. So to be cautious I'm going to pick the 22nd as the likely date for the 2013 Apple iPad event but if it turns out to be the 15th, hey, that's even better.

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