Monday, October 28, 2013

Spoiled Moronic Media/Pundits Who Are Not Wowed By Apple Events/Products Should Stop Reading Rumors And Spoiler Blogs

Remember the TV series, Lost?  Of course you do.  After the first season, I stopped watching it. And I didn't get into it until the whole series became available on Netflix.  And 24?  I waited until the DVD set is out every season and binge-watched it.  And these days, with movies or TV series that I wanted to avoid learning info about, I make sure I don't read the title or posts that have spoilers.  I did that with Star Trek Into Darkness and I had no idea what would happen going into the theater.  I was more blown away than most other fans.  And I also do with same with The Walking Dead.

And fans who go online and search for every bit of information about a movie or TV series before premieres end up not being as excited as they should be.  There's an element of a let-down.  That "wow" factor is no longer there when you know what to expect for the most part.

Well, that's the same thing for the Apple media events and products that they unveil.  The media, bloggers, and pundits all go online and read rumors and see pics of leaks of the next iPhone or iPad.  They join Apple's developer programs to get beta versions of the OS. And then when Apple finally unveils the finished products, they claim that they're bored.  That there is no longer a "one more thing" or claim that the "wow" factor is no longer there.

Well, those guys are morons.  It's the same thing in other media. If you jump to the end of a book, read how it ends and then go back and read it from the beginning, obviously, the reader won't be surprised when he knows how it all ends.

For Apple unveilings, when there are surprises like the A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, the media and pundits are too stupid to understand the implications of it.

So, for those who complain about how boring Apple is these days, try avoiding the rumor sites for a year and then sit through the live blogs next year and see how you react then.  Trust me, that wow factor will be back when you don't know what the ending is.

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