Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why I'll Be Getting the Last Gen iPad Mini

Obviously, I'm not made of money.  I wish because I would not be writing posts like this: I’m thinking about getting an $299 iPad.  I rather be able to say I WILL BE GETTING an iPad mini.  Not the new one with the A7 chip but the one from last year at $299.

Yeah, that price point got me.  I know that it's essentially an iPad 2 in a smaller form factor and a smaller screen at 7.9" than the regular 9.7" iPad screen.  Why now and not at $329?

First of all, I will be getting a T-Mobile version of the 128 GB iPad Air to replace my 2010 32 GB iPad.  It's a big jump.  And with the iPad Air, a lot of it will be for work.  Be going a lot of work on there.  It'll essentially replace my Mac.  I'm still out on whether I'll be getting a new Macbook Pro.  I'm trying my best to hold off on that for another year.  My Air for a lot of entertainment use.

Second, that’s what the $299 iPad mini will be used for.  Entertainment.  Streaming video, gaming, and Facetime.

Third, having a second device seems insane.  Well, I’m a mobile fan.  I don’t see this as an issue.  Right now, I’ve got a 4th gen iPad, 2010 iPad, and a Nexus 7.  Oh, and I’ve also got Palm Touchpad as well.  After I get my iPad Air, I’ll be passing along my 4th gen iPad to my nephew.  On top of that, having two devices like this makes sense for mobile warriors.  Two devices with twenty hours of battery life.

The closest thing you can come to that is a reported 2013 13” Macbook Air running on Mavericks giving an estimated 15 hours of battery life.  Even then, that’s not the same thing as having two devices.  Sure, I’ve got only two hands and can really use just one device at a time.

Even so, I figure I’m going to be able to do get quite a bit done with this setup.  Imagine being able to do work on one iPad, the Air, and maybe read or do research with the other.  You can already do this with one iPad but, with AirDrop, I’m going to be able to send pictures, links, etc. from on device to another seamlessly.

But why the $299 and why not wait for the $399 iPad?  Well, money is an issue.  Otherwise, I would be getting a 128 GB iPad mini as well.  But alas, I’ve got to eat and have lots of bills to pay.

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